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So, what is this about?

Join Alto and Haruna in their first ever serious adventure!

  • Explore the depths of Kalmahalla - an ancient temple currently inhibited by some bums (?) and find secrets of the depths that shape your understanding of the world's history!
  • Three chapters of story mode based on years of world-building (I might release the docs some day!), with pixel art CGs and a bit of a retro vibe ;)
  • Magic system that's based on a continuously flowing mana honey, called substance! Should you deplete enemy of their substance? Your substance will flow there next turn, depleting you both! Should you fight in a place with no substance? Oof, but these monsters' claws are too sharp against your fists!
  • Find a bunch of thermoses to make Alto think of new spells! Should you boil your enemies with magic tea, or should you  drop some sharp crystals on them? 
  • Fight secret bosses! Some of them might tell you a story, or reward you with cool gear (more thermoses!) Or a book!
  • Talk and watch characters act! All of them were made with great love <3
  • But most importantly, just enjoy the game.

First ever Altoverse game and an introduction to the Altoverse itself!

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About this beta version

The game is in beta. It's playable from start to finish, but sometimes there are bugs and things that doesn't look as good as they should've looked ;)

What's currently done:

  • The entire gameplay system: magic, exploring, talking, and more!
  • Level design! Secrets you can explore, items you can snatch, and lore you can learn about! :D
  • Tutorials! It tells allllll you need to know about the game, and it's accessible from menu!
  • All the secret bosses! Loot, lore pieces, mechanics ;)
  • The story! Last chapter is in beta, but it's playable from start to finish.
  • The ending! It's kinda rough currently, but if you're interested, do check it out! It lacks a couple of CGs for stronger punch though (: (But if you want to see it in the intended way,  don't go past when Narrator adds a button to the main screen in the 3rd chapter!)

What isn't done:

  • Bug fixes, polish. Some QoL, such as better tutorial pics or more settings.
  • Some things don't look as nice as they should've looked (placeholder art). I'm working on it!
  • Several CGs where they should be (or where they should've been nicer)
  • Epilogue and credits! It's short, but... wait for it :)
  • Translations! The game's fully in English, but if you want to play it in another language, you'll have to wait!
  • This page :D It's supposed to look nicer on the release!

Known issues:

  • Don't exit the game until all current dialogue is over! And don't start options menu tutorials while in dialogue! (Automatic tutorials as the story progresses & calling tutorials on field are working fine) There's a couple of places where it may make you skip a few scenes or ruin the save. I'm working on it :)
  • Game can perform poorly or not launch at all if your only videocard is an integrated Intel GPU older than 2014, such as Intel HD 2000-6000 GPU series. You can try, but success is not guaranteed :) Check if your GPU can run OpenGL 4.6, if not, you can try with OpenGL 4.0+, but earlier such as OpenGL 2.1-3.1 may not launch. I'm working on a fix though! You can check the page or ping me and ask on the progress :)
  • Some people experience somewhat long first launch time. Wait a few secs :D

    Follow me on Twitter: AMasumary


    All art, music, sound and code (if not mentioned otherwise) is by me, amasuri (it's been quite a journey last five years ;) ). So, roughly by 98% it's a solo project! However, my friend YoukaiDrawing helped me with some of the main character art and dungeon entrance CG, and my other friend sat9 helped me with a couple of sounds, so big thanks to them! Testing's also on them :)

    A couple of sounds I took under Creative Commons:


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    Version beta 0.5.27

    Development log


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    Gotta say, I'm very interested in what's beyond the mountains. The siblings really need to be more confident in their interpretations of tablets, and they need to train in melee fighting, Alto's punch especially is... he needs to train. :) 


    Thank you a lot for the stream! :D

    > "Gotta say, I'm very interested in what's beyond the mountains"

    Oh hey, I'm really glad that aspect turned out well! I tried my best to set up the intrigue properly, but as the person cursed with knowledge, you never know :)

    > "and they need to train in melee fighting, Alto's punch especially is... he needs to train. :) "

    Poor magi relied too much on their magic and didn't see the melee coming :D I'll make sure to teach them a few things for the future ;)


    Story wise there's a lot to absorb, for me, that helped getting me invested in what's going on. I wish there was more about the human cities, maybe the option to go around and talk to NPCs.

    And yeah, the caves, I'm just glad someone brought a gun. :) 


    > "And yeah, the caves, I'm just glad someone brought a gun. :) "

    Oh yeah, the cave part was awkward ;D You figured it out, the Osenio part was supposed to come somewhat later in the plot, but oh well, doesn't change that much in the end :D Also, lots of notes taken! I'll certainly re-balance the fight, too, among other things! :)

    > "Story wise there's a lot to absorb, for me, that helped getting me invested in what's going on."

    Oh that's really great to hear! Although looking at the VOD, some dialogues could use a brush up :D But I'm glad that they're interesting :)

    > "I wish there was more about the human cities"

    Yup, there's A LOT of lore about human cities! :D It gets mentioned here and there in the first game (like, in some books), but the focus of the first game is on Kolldparu and their shenanigans as you can tell :D I'm planning some more bits for the second game though, but can't spoil anything yet ;) (and I need to properly wrap up this one!)

    Will you be doing the ending, by the way? Up to the ending everything should work pretty well (unless a second Osenio-like situation somehow happens), but the very-very end lacks a couple of CGs for a stronger punch :)

    (Oh btw if you'll be reading books, you can press Q to close them! There's currently a slight bug where it can pause one main plot library dialogue, press Q to fix that :D)


    Eh, the texts can always be tweaked, it's not difficult to follow and understand what's being talked about. Hey, it's is a beta. 

    I am thinking of doing another stream since I do want to see what happens if... a certain machine is... made... operational. Maybe I should just do it today... Hmm... 


    is the game working ?

    Yeah, you can dld and beat it :) There can be a few bugs though

    (1 edit)

    the is game is not working it is not even starting

    Could you please tell me exactly what you've been doing and your pc specs and your OS? Do you have double videocards (such as on integrated Intel/discrete Nvidia on some laptops) That might become useful when I debug the issue :) 

    I know I tested on several windows 10 systems, you should extract the archive and launch the .exe. It can take a few or a dozen of seconds to open the window (I hasn't optimized the launch yet), but it should launch still

    (1 edit)

    Oh yeah now that I think about it, I remember the issue of the game not launching on some laptops with double video cards, Windows loves to select integrated Intel cards and these don't work with anything 

    If you have Windows 10 and double videocards, you could try looking up the setting, like Settings->Search "graphics"->Click Graphics Settings, there should be an option to manage which videocards which apps use; add Altale in the app list and make it use the discrete (Nvidia/AMD card) 

    I'll try to think up of a fix how to make Windows use discrete videocard by default :)

    I am using Intel HD3000 only, windows 10 64bit