A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Bash monsters with your trusty heavy duty umbrella that also has a syringe built in (surprisingly).
Drain the monsters' blood and turn it into your own life force! Then sell it to a shady person for power ups.
Try not to get hit or you're gonna damage the merchandise.
Your umbrella is very durable, so you can always use it to block anything that feels threatening to you. As long as you're facing your threat, naturally.

More of a tech demo than anything. Lots of placeholder graphics, mechanics and, you know, things.

Arrow keys - Run places
X - Swing your umbrella
C - Use your umbrella to block attacks (and buy stuff from the shady guy)
Spacebar - Jump

Made in Monogame.

@ceuteum - Code, Level layouts
@youkai_drawing - Art, Main game idea and Design
@sat9 - Sound, Music, Voice acting, Level layouts

Install instructions

For Windows Users:

1. Simply unzip & run game.exe

For Linux Users:

1. You'll need to get Mono (~100Mbs download): 


2. Unzip the game & launch by typing "mono game.exe" in terminal


Release.rar 10 MB

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